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Fire Behavior and Smoke Class
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The 14th Annual Fall Fire School was held on August 22, at the Galesburg Regional Fire Training Center with 125 firefighters attending from 22 area fire departments. 

This year, 5 classes were offered: Fire Behavior and Smoke (classroom), Fire Ground Search and Rescue (hands-on), REHAB Heat Stress Class (classroom), Essentials (hands-on) and NIMS, 100 & 200 (classroom).

The largest attended class was Fire Behavior and Smoke, with 47 students.

The 2009 Fire School was especially challenging this year because the state of Illinois cut the funding for the Cornerstone program.  In spite of this, the efforts and financial support of our sponsors made this year's Fire School a success.
2009 Fire School Sponsors

Alexis Fire Equipment Co.  /   WIFA  /   Galesburg Fire Dept.   /   IL Fire Service Institute

Also thanks to the following:
MABAS 31   /   MABAS 62   /   Spudos Donuts   Bridgeway   /   GHAS   /   KCCDD   /   Wal-Mart
REHAB Heat Stress Class

Western Illinois Firefighters Association
western illinois firefighters association
Only the two IFSI classes, Fire Behavior and Smoke and the REHAB Heat Stress Class have certificates. IFSI is no longer mailing certificates, but certificates can be accessed through IFSI's website and printed out.  A student roster of those who attended this year's fire school is HERE.  The name of the student along with the class they participated is listed.
fire behavior and smoke class 1
fire behavior and smoke 2
fire behavior and smoke 3
rehab heat stress 1
rehab heat stress 2
nims class
NIMS Class
Sporting latest in safety gear
Jeff and Tim sporting the latest in safety gear
WIFA webmistress
Our WIFA webmistress
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